HP screen distortion correction after updating Windows 10

This article surely can help for those who use Hewlett Packard computer with ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 graphic card. The others can get some ideas for the research of their problem.
After updating the 1703 version of Windows 10, my Hewlett Packard screen was distorted. Instead of displaying the original resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, the system has distorted the screen for 1600x1200 pixels and the best options with the recommended option were gone.
I have read that HP no longer follows Windows updates, I was convinced that I need to change my graphics card or maybe even the whole computer.
Thanks for all those geniuses hidden behind their computer, who are computer gurus, I hosted a lot of information from the French Microsoft forum and I could put everything as it was before (for a while). Obviously not the experts of Microsoft who carried the solution.


1) It seems that you must have a driver of your graphic card which is older than 2017, so I downloaded an older driver on the website of AMD (AMD is the program which manage your card). On the webpage : go to the window "Manually Select Your Driver", then chose :

  • Step 1: Desktop Graphics (if your have a PC and not a laptop)
  • Step 2: Radeon HD Series
  • Step 3: Radeon HD 3xxx Series PCIe
  • Step 4: Windows 7 - 64 Bit (now I use Windows 10 but it is installed on my original Windows 7)

Download it on your Desktop (or where ever you find it).

2) Click directly on the .exe file for install the driver.

3) Click right on the Windows logo (Start), then chose "Search", type "windows update", chose the update tab in the System settings. Search and install updates by clicking on the search button... for me, it has found two updates, both were concerning the driver, the system will automatically install them...

4) Click right on the Windows logo (Start), then chose "Search", type "device manager" and chose it. Search the "Graphic card", it must be clicked for opening the sub-tab, there will be your ATI Radeon HD 4300-4500 graphic card. Right click on it with your mouse, chose "properties". From the "General" tab, jump to "Driver" tab. Chose "Restore the driver" button. The system will ask the question why you would like to restore it, chose whatever you want (anyway, there will not be any option like "I would not like to loose my small money), you will be able to click on OK only after you answered...

Here we are ! For the moment ! because now we have the next job : we must block driver updates until Microsoft corrects its fault. For the moment I have my second war with them because they sent me to a link where normally I should be able to download an update which will block temporarly what it must be, however this update depends on your Windows version, I am already lost because those versions are much older than mine...

I wish very good luck for ourselves and I wish a quick amelioration for Microsoft, Amen !

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